The Takeaway


"The Takeaway" Written By- Pat Williams and Karyn Williams

When all is Said and Done, What Will They Take Away from You?

The story you've shared for generations across the holiday table, the moment you stopped to connect as you rushed out the door, or the pick up game of ball it's oftentimes the things we take for granted or by-pas altogether in the fast pace of life. As parents, we try to teach our children important lessons- but are usually left wondering, "is anything I'm saying getting through?" As children, we tend to think our parents' advice is old school and doesn't apply to our lives. But guess what? They were listening, and it does apply.

In The Takeaway, Pat Williams, father of nineteen multicultural children and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic, and his daughter Karyn, a rising music star, remind us of twenty simple, yet essential, truths for living a happy and fulfilled life. These memorable jewels of wisdom are lessons for all time that everyone can take away and apply to their lives. Practical and profound, this straightforward book can change your life for the better!